Thursday, January 5, 2017

#TL2017moviewatch - Great Wall

First watch of the year. In cineplex.

Matt Damon in a (sort-of) Chinese film. Or a typical mega-budget Chinese film, featuring Matt Damon, Willem Dafoe and English speaking folks.


* It's rare to see Andy Lau speaking English. I enjoyed it personally, considering what a legend he is and growing up seeing him in those HK movies.
* The pacing is okay
* A "legend" or "fiction" story about the Great Wall -- I thought it's interesting premise.
* I thought the trailer was good is keeping everyone guessing what the wall was built for. That's what trailer supposed to be, right? Not giving too much about the story and make people to go to watch it.

* Cliche story of a white man's heroism helped Asians to overcome their trouble.
* Cliche storyline all in all, once you understand how story telling rolls. 

RATING -- 7/10 (because of entertainment value)

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