Saturday, January 14, 2017

Friday the 13th gig

Turns out it's not horrifying.. although my day started in not a good way... electricity blackout before leaving for office.

Ended the day with blessings.

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Culture SYOK gig was interesting, started by a community for the community. I got to know the organizer through FB local Christian creativity community page. Meeting him and spend some time talking with him was good, I am glad that I am able to make acquaintance with such people who has heart for the community. In fact, the venue is an international school but they are opening it for community service use.

Back to the gig itself, it was amazing to play in front of a really Malaysian crowd -- all the races and cultures were there. Made a lot of new friends there too. The night went well basically, really grateful about it. Looking forward to see how things work out from here onwards.

Past few days, I realized God worked amazingly especially getting acquaintance with people who has passion for the community. I believe God is moving! =)

That's all for January gigs. The w_are_houseevent appearance will be postponed to February so stay tuned to my music page for the details though.

Have a great weekend! 😁

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