Thursday, January 19, 2017

clergy/pastors conference

So I attended my first Diocesan clergy/pastors' conference in Kota Kinabalu.

Honestly, at first I was alright till I foundout we are staying at kokol for the meeting. What. There goes my yamcha plans.

That aside, reached KK at Monday afternoon. Catchup with familiar faces and went lunch with Rev Philip, Ps Lafir and Winston. Rev took us to some place he loved, the food turned out not bad though.

Then he asked for suggestion for dessert. So I suggested Bkt Padang for cendol/ABC.

After resting, there was the ordination service. Quite long. After that, rushed up to Kokol mountain. The moment I reached there, I was "superbly low battery" aka tired. Slept till next day.

Meeting nothing much but I appeciate the time of catching up with revs, bishops and pastors.

Came down Wednesday night, had a quick yamcha session with Nelson Lim.

Flew back KL early thursday morning.

Wished had more time at KK though but it was learning process throughout the conference.

Not forgetting, we were well fed there too.

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