Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rogue One review

my first reaction after watching Rogue One is that I rate it very high on my Star Wars watch list.
Super satisfied. Very grounded, no jedi-sith mumbo jumbo. Just space wars. Love the sceneries and beautiful shots of the movie.

Only complain from me is that the plot is too cliche.. I won't say much, probably some who watched a lot of Star Wars would understand what I am trying to say.

Nevertheless, the highlight is the appearance of Darth Vader. After yearsssss, it's so good to see him onscreen again.

I was also happy to see the classic Star Wars war vehicles such as AT-AT and AT-ST walkers, not forgetting all the Rebel fighter planes and battleships.

The last scene of the movie though is a mind-blowing scene.

Overall, rogue One is a must outing for Star Wars fans, a wonderful standalone movie that can serve as a good introduction to the franchise for newbies too.

Ranting : 8/10

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