Thursday, August 4, 2016

was it suicidal?

Quite interesting to note that the buildup towards the movie have been... interesting.

From the leaked footage of the first trailer in last year's comic-con which forces them to release the trailer ahead of time to many marketing trailers to early critical movie reviews. And that resulted all sort of unnecessary attention like some DC fans want to bring down Rotten Tomatoes etc etc.

Being movie and comic geek, come on, just enjoy what is being served and don't be judgmental. Or extremist.

Anyway, back to the topic in hand. The movie itself :- Well, it's hard for me to nail down a proper review for this. I definitely enjoyed it than BvS. Much more entertainment, fun and action.  

The spot-ons :-
- Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman. Typical Will Smith, Margot Robbie owns that role as Harley. Amanda Waller is spot-on, by Viola.
- I like Jared Leto's Joker interpretation. I wished there's more.. come to that later...
But again, there's a lot can be improved.
The flaws :- 
- choppy editing. 
- Disconnected scenes. Again, it might be a problem to many because it forces normal audience to piece the story together themselves, which can be frustrating to some. Thus, that's why there's critics. You have to know the comics well to understand some part.
- shaky camera views for fight scenes. I am okay with the concept but it's hard to appreciate the characters' action sequence.
- those short character introduction card was unnecessary.
- personally disappointed with Joker's airtime appearance. Blame their marketing, hyped his appearance. I hope Jared can more time to make it his.

Then when you think back on all the reports about their post-production and how DC/WB scrambled to do something after the BvS feedback, you know this affects how the movie turned out. 

Let's move on from those troubled water....
Definitely has links to the whole DC extended universe. My take is that their story is like an off-story from the bigger players which are coming soon like the Justice League. So yes, the nods are all over the movie.
Like I said before, don't read reviews, just go and enjoy the movie, which I did.

And oh, do stay on for mid-credit scene!
my rating : 8/10

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