Tuesday, August 2, 2016

cari makan in July

Okay, I've been slow in updating this... well... here comes the food...

 It's been some time I had this yummy... fish noodles at USJ

 It's been some time, finally having gold chilli ss15's famous buttermilk chicken.

Yet again... taufu far cheese cake at Shirley's Groundeatery.

Cube pizza. Tabao version.

Simple and delicious. Mexican yummy at Thyme

Meal at Jay Grocer's Groceraunt. Quite full and tasty. Reminds me of Kenny Rogers.

Another latest sensation. Cheese tart craze!

Burgertory again. This is peanut butter burger. Awesome.

The famous food court at Lot 10. Spoilt for choices.

Tried the latest talk of the talk Hanbing desserts.

 Wondermama at Bangsar. It was wonderful.

 At Sol Frontera. Best mashed potatoes I had in years.

 Their Mexican dishes are amazing.

 Kimchi Haru. I know, this doesn't looks so korean.. blame me for trying to be adventurous.

tried this with my fiancee and Alston. Flingstone Cafe

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