Wednesday, June 29, 2016

aliens and rom-com

Strangely, it's my first time watching 2 movies at the cinema in one day.

First movie..
Basically, it is strictly for those who have watched the first film. It's like you have waited 20 years to finish your dinner.

Nice to see those from first film returned. Other than that, just thought the movie was "meh".. that's all from me.

6/10 for me.

Second movie... I got some free tickets to redeem because it is my birthday month, so went to catch "me before you"

There's something so beautiful about British rom-com. The jokes which are not over-the-top, simplicity and the plot twist. It makes you laugh then cry then makes you feel good.

So this movie fits the bill described earlier and I enjoyed it. Definitely another rom-com movie that I will remember in the list of other great British rom-com like Notting Hill and About Time

Giving it 8/10

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