Thursday, May 19, 2016

Apocalypse NOW!

I actually enjoyed X-Men:Apocalypse a lot despite early mixed reviews and "third-film shortcoming syndrome" which Jean Grey in the movie even subtly pointed out.

However, what I like about it is that it was a wonderful homage to X-Men fans like me especially with the appearance of many familiar mutants, the usual customary Stan Lee's cameo and the namedrop at the post-credit scene. Yes, there's a post-credit scene, so don't say I didn't warn you but it's something die-hard X-Men fans would know.

That being said, it would be interesting to see where the X-Men franchise heading after this. Sure, there's Wolverine 3, Deadpool 2 and Gambit but I am sure there's a bigger picture to it. Anyway, there's plenty of X-Men stories to play with (from the comics), especially based on that post-credit scene's namedrop, so let's see... 
ranting : 8/10

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