Thursday, March 31, 2016

jlncarimakan #3

March edition of jalan-jalan cari makan.. apart from those food feasting at Penang which i left it out here.. haha..

This was at Mad About Coco. Not bad la.

This one also... from Mad About coco.

 Zeus 31. The food wasn't bad.

 Here again, for cell group member's birthday

 HubbaHubba branch at Dutamas, all thanks to Irene.

 Carls Jr, you are such a disappointment.

 Meanwhile, myburgerlab's Ultraman 2.0 burger is the bomb!

 Inside scoop's dessert :- unique ice cream taste with waffle.

 this burger wasn't bad actually.

 Kimchi pasta at groundeatery.

 apple pie with mcd's sundae wasn't a bad idea.

 Chillis' with cell group member before Batman v Superman

 at big hug burger. Softshell crab burger.

 Pork-pulled burger at

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