Thursday, March 24, 2016

bats v supes

wow, i have plenty of reaction to the movie.

I try to keep this spoiler-free...

The good for me..
1) Ben Affleck as Bats/Bruce is one of the highlights of the movie
2) Cameos of Justice League-rs
3) Batmobile... rocks too
4) Jesse Eisenberg's performance

5) They presented Bruce's origin in a fresh way. Phew, just when I am so bored by how cinematic and tv series keep going about on his origin.
6) Another Bat-related win, Alfred!

The cons though...
1) Wasn't really Batman v Superman.. sorry fans...
2)  Jesse's Lex Luthor is over-the-top for me. Some would like it, but personally I am too used to seeing a serious Lex.. Maybe they want him to be like Heath Ledger's Joker?
3) Like any DC movies lately, it's draggy but once it get through it, it will be fine..
4) Superman's stories was uninspiring at some point.
5) They should have renamed it "dawn of justice" instead or.. "pre-justice league"

I think I will agree with a statement from internet that the movie is very much for comic fandom, so.. no offense.. if you are just an average movie-goer, the chances are you will not understand what exactly is going on. So many "easter eggs", all leading up to the bigger picture of DC cinematic universe.

I guess now I understand the tone that they are going for now, which is fine for me.

David S Goyer's writing + Nolan's vision + Syder's execution = sets the tone for DC cinematic universe.

Won't say it's the movie of the year, but it's a good build-up leading up to Justice League movie.

And that ending.. very Nolan-like.

My verdict : 7/10

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