Monday, December 28, 2015

Dec makan makan

Nandos never fails me. At some point, I am getting to be bored there, maybe because Imago has nothing else to eat.

Thankfully they have Sushi Zanmai. At least another option other than normal boring stuff at imago.

Or alternatively, there's this non-halal segment where you can have this. Not bad.

 A church family spend me seafood at Captain cook. Look how huge the crabs are.

 Sizzling lamb at SOULed OUT. Yea, they have arrived at KK now.

Only in Sabah you have this. So why not have it before I head back to West Malaysia.

.. and mee tuaran as well. Definitely something I will miss here.

Well, it's always debatable about how tasty Indian food here in Sabah compare to West Malaysia. Truth to be told, West is better but the above here, it's the best that I have come across, although still can't compare to West.

I told myself i need to have this before i leave. Ayam penyet near AlamMesra.

 GrabbingHands burger. not bad.

Uncle Beng Hock took me for Indian meal. This curry was the bomb.

 B-Side b-fast.. i mean.. breakfast

Smooth ice cream

Well, that's the food journey so far.. tried to have some of it before I head back to West Malaysia.

Thanks to those who brought me to these places. Thanks KK for your delicious delicacies, gonna miss some of the unique ones.

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