Monday, November 30, 2015

jessica jones

Really unique entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (mcu)

It's R-rated and the show is not shy from its gritty-feel. At the same time, the story is really interesting that you forget that it's actually based on a comic book/superhero genre. 

Jessica is the most realistic and imperfect person like anyone of us. She drinks, swears and struggle to wakeup in the morning. She has a dark haunting past to top it up which at the end, makes Jessica the most rooted super-heroine that anyone have seen. In this series, she basically deals with very humane problems which makes you to feel for her. Same goes to the characters to the series, it seems they all have a dark past that they want to leave behind.

So, to place her alongside people like Avengers and SHIELD which deals a lot with aliens and mystical matters, Jessica Jones is indeed very grounded in terms of the story, much like its Netflix-sibling, Daredevil.

I actually love how Luke Cage is portrayed in this series, which gets me excited to watch his own series later on.

Meanwhile, Kilgrave is the most manipulative villain in MCU.. it would be interesting to place him next to Loki! But as the series goes on, it reveals why Kilgrave is what he is.

Action-sequence-wise, it's nothing to shout about especially if you want to compare this series to its previous Netflix entry, Daredevil. I think Daredevil have more "wow" factor in this area. Talking about Netflix, well, the series aren't holding back with its R-rating.

That being said, waiting to see how her appearance affects the bigger picture of Netflix's "defenders" series.

For those who have watched the series, you can have a look at this video for Marvel references including the usual customary Stan Lee cameo.

Sidenote : I hope they get to kick Iron Fist into production.

Giving 8/10.

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