Friday, October 16, 2015

oredi october


Besides blogs about food and movies, I hardly say anything about life lately, haven’t i?

I admit since I came back from Telupid in late August, life haven’t been that smooth sailing. I’ve been stressing about assignments and ministry. Not sure how to go into details but yea, basically that’s the story.

I admit in those stresses, it brought out the best and the worst of me, so I am not sure whether to be proud or not about it. Nevertheless, life is learning curve.

It’s not a good feeling but sometimes I already wishing 2016 come soon. Ok, it’s few months away and once you think about it more, the closer it gets. I keep telling myself to enjoy what is remaining of 2015 and prepare my heart for 2016.

There are quite a lot of plans I have for 2016. It’s gonna be massive. But I can’t say much till the right time comes.

Till then, work hard, enjoy life while we can.


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