Thursday, September 17, 2015

Malaysia Day outing

Despite talks of the "red rally", it was peaceful here.

Went out with my peeps and dropby again at Roy Chiew's Adelphi & Co.

Personally, love the food! Hot drinks, waffle and big breakfast was awesome. The big breakfast literally was big. But price though, well, just be prepared to pay a bit more. But the quality of the food is wonderful.

Dinner at QQ steamboat with worship team members.
I know this picture have been Instagram-ed by a few members already. I know not everyone was in the picture, some left before we took this picture and some couldn't make it. But i thankful to spend my Malaysia Day dinner with the worship team members. Good fellowship with delicious steamboat meal. Thank you mr and mrs Lawrence Thien for blessing us. 

Wonderful food with wonderful fellowship all in all, even though the thought of how some people trying to ruin Malaysia Day with their own greed and agenda. That always reminds me that we need to keep praying for this country.

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