Wednesday, September 30, 2015

makan makan di KK (SEPT edition)

Grilled chicken chop at JJ Western food, Damai. It wasn't dry and oily, so not bad. 

 Sushi Tei never fails

 McD's Lychee pie is like eating nata de coco in .. er... pie...

Grabbing hands yet again.

Had the best nasi kuning that i have so far, thanks to Darren C. Edward's recommendation. Ok, the nasi looks like this after i opened the packet and before i spread the food on my plate. At Viviana Cafe Wisma Muis. Darren told me that this nasi would be out-of-stock by lunchtime.. So be smart when you want to go..

Upperstar pizza, not bad actually. They even gave cheese toppings. Cheese gao gao.

Burger King's rock-it fries... fries with more spices...

 KFC wrap. They should keep this in their menu

At party play. Food is so-so.

At Damai's The Hut. I should have ordered things. My gf's nasi penyet looks more appetizing than this.

 Meaty meal at Eddie's.

Man Tai returns nearby 88 foodcourt, AsiaCity. Open at night only though.

Loved this!!! so happy that I came here to have it, after not coming here for some time. Wonderful remedy to hot weather.

Not a bad place. Food is good too. Diner cafe, near Sulaman.

There's Adelphi&co as well, mentioned already on this post

At Kedai Hilltop. It's pork chop cordon bleu.. although the menu misspelt it as "gordon blue".. hahaha. The best food I had this month is this!

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