Saturday, September 5, 2015

Avengers v JL???

I was watching Avengers Assemble cartoon and the recent episode sees them going up against the Squadron Supreme. 

Can't help to think that actually that squadron were based on Justice League characters.... right to the details of their background. So basically Hyperion, Power Princess, Nighthawk, Speed Demon, Doctor Spectrum, and Nuke were based on Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter. 

Wikipedia confirms the nodSo, it's amusing to think that in a way, Avengers took on Justice League..

The result? It's Avengers cartoon... pretty obvious the ending will be. But just for trivia, Squadron won first round that caused the Avengers to retreat.

I guess that is the closest we get on Avengers v JL? You might say it's a cheap shot, I am still a Marvel fan all in all.. hahaha...

PS : my review of Avengers Assemble season 2 : 7/10. Some episodes were boring. There were good moments though, just have to go through it. I think it's hard to compare this to the previous Earth's Mightiest Heroes series which received a lot of positive reviews from fans.

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