Monday, June 29, 2015

#TLtravels - KL and Ipoh

Starting a hashtag for my future travels = #TLtravels

But after clicking it, realized other people have used such hashtag. So much for being special.

Anyway, took a week off to holiday at West Malaysia, specifically to KL and Ipoh.

So.. going from day to day...

Reaching KL during lunchtime. My godsis took me out for lunch at this place near Main Place, USJ called Am/Pm. Quite decent place and love the bagel I had

Dropby FCC for a short while to catchup with former colleagues then went Sunway Pyramid to hangout till dinner time with Jackson.

And man... Sunway changed a lot! BRT line really make this part of town looks modern.

Love how the Sunway plan is working out. Everything connects. Sounds so Marvel. HAHA.

Dinner at Bubba Gum. Lovely food

Spend nearly the whole day at MidValley. Even MidValley changed so much that a lot of shops I want to visit have relocated. Aiya.

Breakfast at Antipodean. Read a lot about it and love the coffee there. I am still alive btw even though the cup said... oh well.. hahaha...

Gf had big breakfast while I had bagels again. Quite full even though looks simple.

Since we are at Midvalley, can't miss having this. Magnum cafe, Trying to findout what's the fuss about it.
 Well, nothing special, it's still ice cream

Dinner at Sunway again, this time at Myburgerlab's Sunway branch. Not surprising that it has a lot of people.

Had Bulbasaur. Yes, there's the name of the burger. Loved it!

Then round 2 with Hirai and Rebecca (not in the pic because came later) at Afterblack, just few blocks away from Burgerlab. Nice coffee and cakes. Didn't have their main menu but it doesn't look appealing to me.

Went IKEA. While gf happily shops, had a short catchup with Neil

While most people go to IKEA for meatballs, i rather have this. My favourite currypuff ever.

Then hop over to 1Utama for more shopping then dinner with mr and Mrs Jackson at the usual best nasi lemak for me.. Nasi Lemak Bumbung.

Travelled to Ipoh. Lunch at Ray of Hope. It's been some time I had my meals here. Simple and homely.

Dinner was with family and their friends. They organized dinner for her birthday and her retirement. It was a huge feast. So STUFFED!

Today is my mum's retirement day. As a son, i am proud and happy that my mum have worked so hard not just to raise me and my siblings but also the students over the past 36 years. It was a beautiful and emotional farewell, glad to be there to celebrate this day with her, family and friends

We were treated like a VIP throughout our time there and was taken aback to see how emotional some kids were. wow.

After a short rest, did a quick shopping in town while having a quick drink at Funny mountain.

Dinner at this nice Vietnam restaurant. Service was superb and food is good too.

Hangout around town awhile before head to Tong Sui Kai for my favourite fruit ice.

It took a long time to come though. Oh well.

Head back to KL in the morning. Had a quick lunch with a few friends at Pie Thing, which had a branch at Sunway.

Not bad la, the gravy and add-ons enhances the taste la. Without it, the pie seems plain. The price is expensive though.

Then, back at familiar territory...
Had a wonderful Saturday evening with FCC. Thank you all for lifting the name of Jesus together. Thank you rev Philip and ps Danny for allowing me to lead worship here. Not forgetting the worship team as well, thank you for partnering together again in serving. Thank you everyone else for making me at home again and taking time to catchup again.

Then another round of catchup at Snowflake.

Went FCC in the morning then head to the "golden triangle area".. Sg Wang, Times Square, Pavillion. Well, now got farenheit 88, seems that name doesn't apply anymore le. HAHA.

Did a bit of shopping and got my prized item. 

THE GREEN RANGER!! wootssssssss

Then head to Bangsar for a big dinner catchup at Mikey's original pizza.

Pizza is HUGE!!

We had 4 of them. Imagine. But it was yummy. A lot of people packed the place though, making it congested and stuffy a bit though.

End the night with second round at CoffeeCoffee.

Well... basically, maybe it was a blessing and good idea that I came at this period. There were plenty of sales in KL, due to Ramadan season and the traffic is slightly better, thanks to Ramadan's fasting period too. In terms of the sales thing, imagine the prices and the temptation that me and gf faced.. hahaha..

Anyway, in the end, really enjoyed this trip even though lots of walking and eating. There are days were tiring after all the walking and travelling but meeting friends is worth it. Gonna miss this trip a lot, felt a bit sad when I was about to fly back to KK.

Thank you friends who took time to catch-up with me over the past 1 week. sorry to those whom i unable to meet, there's always next time.

Next stop for #TLtravels : labuan.


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