Friday, June 12, 2015


Not that young but not that old.

There are days I was asking myself have my life for the past years been worth it. Moreover, been spending at least 7 years working in the church. There are days I really wanted to resign and there are days where I feel doing things for God is worth every pain and sacrifice.

But all I can say is I never regret giving the best of my life to ministry of God. When you are young and full of energy, it is always the best time to learn and at the same time, give to God that raw passion and energy.

The thing I learnt over the past few weeks indeed echo what I have been thinking and doing for past few years. That is.. investing in the Kingdom of God.

It's one investment the world will never understand. It is one economy that everyone find it hard to accept. This investment values giving and sacrifices more than receiving. Yes, only God can reward those who are faithful to Him. But to experience His kingdom, we have to give away what we hold dear.

I realized over the years, the fruits of my investment in Kingdom of God is worth more than all the money I can or could have make. Sometimes I forget that the kingdom mentality is more important.

But looking at how many lives are impacted directly or indirectly, it really worth more than gold and all the money in the world.

So here I am, there's a lot ahead of me, some say it's a new chapter of life since I hit that magical number but I want to see what God wants me to do. Only God can close and open doors in my life. Only He knows what is best. 

Anyway, there's lots of plans in my head right now but it's a bit pre-mature to share that list here now.

But I can share one plan I been thinking of. That is to release more songs. Maybe this could lead to a new album or just an album. Maybe. But this time around, I want everyone to be involved. From the pre-production to the release. Through creativity or even through sponsorship. I don't want to do this "alone", I need your help. Even sharing my music to 100 to 200 people would be super helpful.

Anyway, that plan haven't set in motion yet but back to overall picture of life.. well.. 

I just want to thank God for everything so far and I am committing the next chapter of my life to His hands. There's nothing else I can do, sometimes I am very tired in trying to stress over life. Again, only God can close and open doors in my life. 

So, raise your glass my friends. Here's to more to life. 

Cheers and much love. 

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