Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sidney Mohede's KK concert 2015

The world-renown worship leader Sidney Mohede was in KK over the weekend and I had the chance to attend his workshop and his night concert as well.

His workshop was simple although it does feel that people want more from it. The big takeaway is that I get to have a selfie with the man himself.

Night concert was brilliant. Personally, I was blessed very much. Very much refreshed by presence of God. 

One big takeaway for me is that no matter what happen, God is in control. It is so true with so many things we are hearing about this country but seriously, our faith should not be shaken for God is our cornerstone.

Thank You God for a wonderful Saturday. Thank you Sidney and JPCC for coming to KK. You can say it's really God's timing that you are around.
(Pic source for this: Sidney's Instagram)

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