Friday, June 5, 2015

huge alarm clock

Today have been very eventful so far...

I was having a good sleep till my wall in my room started to shake. I thought who was banging the wall. Then, my bed start shaking violently and I knew this is something wrong. Sounded like something out of a movie?

I haven't watch San Andreas yet so this is a short 5-D experience?

All of us at home went out quick.. after few minutes, we went back home.

I opened my social media and all the status were about the morning tremors. It seems I am not the only one experiencing it.

More information unfolded that there was tremors at Ranau (appox 2 hrs from where I am) around magnitude 6. wow. magnitude 6!!

Just want to assure my friends and family outside KK not to panic as I am well, everyone is well and nothing has happened here at KK town. Just that we all had a rude awakening this morning, it's like someone's alarm clock went rogue. Life goes on, for now. 

However, on serious note, at this time of writing, do remember those who are stuck at Mt Kinabalu and the affected towns like Ranau in your prayers.

Meanwhile in KL, it's political earthquake.. 

so.. Friday so far have been pretty eventful especially on social media...

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