Friday, June 19, 2015

food and fellowship of JUNE

Lots of meals these days... there goes my diet n workout plan...

Furthermore, going for holidays soon.. more weight to add!

I guess that's what people call this blessings. Yes, enjoy it while you can. Life is short you know..

Recap of food journey

Was invited for lunch with "lamboo lady" Steph and Ps Darren. Ate at Grazie, where the pizza was alright but my personal dish was terrible. Too used to to standards of Little Italy.

Dinner, my cg organized a belated birthday dinner at Brass Monkey. Food not bad but I guess my gf was right, because the rest of the cafe/restaurants around KK have raise their game, the food here is losing with the rest with their maintained food standard.. maintaining in a bad way. 

Nevertheless, thanks peeps for the treat!


We ended worship practice early and we went out for yamcha at October, the gaya street branch. Honestly, I prefer this branch. Very comfy and cool


Senior citizen celebrated parents' day at this place called the Catch. Food is just normal.. but it's buffet in a simple but beautiful place, so don't expect 5-star food quality.

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