Friday, April 17, 2015

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I realized this whole week, I was busy "fan-girling" or "geeking" out about superheroes and movies this week..

Firstly, Daredevil series... totally loving the grounded and gritty feeling of this series. To think that it actually exist in the same universe as the cinematic universe and agents of SHIELD, one can only imagine the possibilities of crossovers in future.

This scene. Best scene of the series or even in recent TV history.

Hallway Justice
Anywhere. Anytime. Anyone. #Daredevil
Posted by Marvel's Daredevil on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gotta say I am glad Daredevil working out well as a tv series, after that forgettable outing as a movie. Now waiting the rest of the Defenders to make their presence felt!

Next, it's the Ant-Man's 2nd trailer. Totally love the trailer! gives a bit of GoTG vibe. Comedy but action-packed.

Then a lot of Avengers 2 clips release as well. If I could compile all together, I think I have watched at least 30% of the movie already? Anyway, already bought my tickets to watch it, although have to watch few days later then the release. sigh. have to wait a bit :(

All in all, what a time to be a Marvel fan!

This morning, internet went berserk with the release of new Star Wars trailer. Loved it too especially at the sight of Han Solo. Can't wait for it.

And Batman v Superman trailer was leaked via some handycam video. I am not sure how DC/WB gonna react to that.

So yea, my head been busy getting excited with all this superb stuff!!

Can't wait!!

So pardon me with all these posts especially on social media....

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