Monday, March 16, 2015


had the most annoying movie watching experience ever. The guy next to me keep talking and repeating the dialogue of the film. I was close to punching him. Some behind me were chatting. Some were taking pictures of the movie. Some even got time to play fb during movie. 

There were some family watching, I am kind and able to understand their situation but to those who wasn't with families there, it's a shame.

Seriously, does Malaysians know how to have a wholesome movie experience??

I should have heed the movie's tagline :-  Have courage and be kind

erm.. oh well.. anyway.. the movie...

With the latest trends of Disney going back to their animation library and giving them "real-life", Cinderella wasn't that bad. I rate it better than last year's Maleficent.

The actors did well in their roles especially Cate Blanchett as evil stepmum. Lily James as Ella was a beautiful eye-candy. The set design was very beautiful.

Story-wise, if you are familiar with the classic tale, there's nothing extra in it. So probably you just have to sit through the same old tale again.

my rating : 7/10

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