Saturday, December 20, 2014

in the chaos and confusion

Christmas is coming..

Beyond the bright lights of Christmas decorations and beautiful wrapped gifts, there's stress and tension around.

Recently the world was rocked by some terrorist attack at Australia and Pakistan. Closer to home, there are some who are still stoking racial and religious issues.

Let me take you back to the Bible. Put yourself in Joseph and Mary's position when they were about to receive Jesus into this world. So much chaos. So much stress.

Now take that position and compare to today's feeling.

I admit sometimes what I don't like about Christmas is the amount of stress I get into when preparing for Christmas event. Sometimes I am disappointed with the way things are done or said. Maybe sometimes, some things don't go according to plan.

I remember in 2009, when I was at FCC, the biggest headache I got that time was the church main projector malfunctioned. If you are in my position, I don't think you will enjoy the stress. I have to make so much calls and arrangement to get it fixed by Christmas.

In those midst of chaos, sometimes it's easy to get distracted and get grumpy like Scrooge about Christmas. It's not a pleasant feeling but sometimes I have to learn to get over with it.

Probably Joseph and Mary have that same feeling. Running away from people who trying to hunt them and cannot find a place for the family to settle down. But what we can learn from them is to stay faithful and trust in God.

Again, truth to be told, I am also disappointed at some people making funny statement about Malaysians celebrating Christmas. But remember, 2000 years ago, some people also make a big hoo-ha when they learnt a Saviour is coming. 

Nothing is new under the sun but stay firm and let God's peace reign.

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