Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2 day before Christmas

Hi hi peeps..

I know there's been lack of updates on my blogs.. well.. i been focusing my energy on my exams and Christmas activities.

So yesterday I finished my last paper for this year. IF ever there's one achievement of 2014 for me, I would say finishing a lot of Moore college's Theology paper this year. I never thought I would have do so much of such paper within a year. Only by the grace of God I have done it and so far results have been good. Praise God for that. Well, few more to go next year...

Having said so about next year, I think I don't have much to worry. What worries me is beyond 2015. Yea, that's what been bordering me sometimes.

Other than that, Christmas season is upon us... of course this year is slightly special as this is my first Christmas outside West Malaysia.

May Christmas joy be with you all...

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