Tuesday, July 8, 2014


It's been a week since my last post.

Trying to organize my life a bit, with little happenings here and there at the same time, experiencing blessings here and there too.

well, how i am gonna recap my life for the past one week? mmm. let's try.

Thursday (3 July) - had lunch at grabbing hands with Natalie Goh. Saw this Messi picture, made out of dices.

Friday (4 July) - apart from michelle's wedding preparation/practice in the morning, there's cell group at night where Elaine Chew gave me a very belated birthday cake.

Saturday (5th July) - Michelle and Joel's wedding. Massive arrangement by them, turning the place like a party. Every wedding I went to has its uniqueness, beautiful and special. Will always remember the day with all the massive food arrangement. Like this ice cream trunk.

Sunday (6th July) - First time in playing futsal in KK after months playing on the field. Good workout. Enjoyed it. Dinner at this iHOP cafe which food was average.

Monday (7th July) - I thought there was no meeting with the ATI students then Ps Lydia called me, rushed down for it! At the same time, tasted the best murtabak in my life at Salaam (located at api-api) and Darren gave me (yet another) belated birthday present -- Spain jersey!

I am blessed man! =)

Night time was combine prayer meeting at Christchurch.

Well.. one of the frequent questions I get was have I settled down in KK? Actually, I am more or less, settled down. Of course, I miss some part of my KL life like the amount of food choices I have (that's why it's hard to keep fit there! HAHAHA), the friends, the gigs that I always do and the internet line (ESPECIALLY!). But that is life. We have move on to grow and learn.

Large reasons why I settled down quite quickly is because of the people here. I know most of them so it helps a lot. The challenge for me is to balance between studies and work. Not easy. Not easy.

There are days I find it hard to pick my book to read. Even I do, I can't grasp what I read immediately, I need time to understand it.

So ya, learning to juggle all but what I learn everyday is to face each day positively.

PS : Looking forward to watch 'dawn of planet of the apes'...

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