Monday, June 30, 2014

TF4 review

(spoilers ahead)

YES. TURN AWAY. if you haven't watch it.

My reaction to the new Transformers movie...

The bad
- Too long! too draggy!!
- Some unnecessary plots which contribute to point 1
- A few storyline flaws (how they can travel around China and HK so fast.. few others..etc etc)
- Too much explosion (then again, it's a Michael Bay movie..he needs to blow up stuff) and yes it also contribute to the point 1
- suddenly has some much product placement
- Does that mean Decepticons are back? Honestly that is one flaw that leaves us all questioning..

The good
- erase the bad memories I had from TF2 and TF3
- humans weren't not annoying to the level of Shia Lebouf
- I thought the story is interesting... till they dragged it long.. basic story is there la.

Based on teaser at the end of the movie, I hope they will take this movie to a new level.

mmm.. unicron anyone?

I know everyone asking whether it's a reboot or not. Personally I still think it's connected to the TF trilogy, just that they are starting afresh and hopeful to kickstart a fresh reboot. Like StarWars 1-3 and 4-6?

Few topics I would love to comment here concerning the movie but remember, it's my personally opinion :-

A lot of people complained not enough screen time for them and they stayed in their Dino form too long. The form btw, if you watch the cartoon, they love to stay in that form. Being not enough time, I can't complain much. I also wished there's more but let's be realistic, what Dinobots can do except creating havoc? Like the cartoon, except Grimlock (who is slightly smarter than his comrade), they are just brawls not brain.

OP flying
Again, if you want the cartoon, they can do so. I guess we try to keep it realistic and all. Then again, just take it as though he still has his jetpack power from Jetfire (TF2)

Generally I am happy with the movie. Like the points mentioned above, much better than 2 and 3. At the same time, if only Bay do away with some parts then the movie would be much better.

But at some point, I am concern Bay is gonna drag this franchise across the mud. Hardcore TF fans already start making a big hoo ha about this. Sincerely Bay, stop ruin our childhood... now that you are doing TMNT.. I am worried a bit too...

After watching this, suddenly urge me to watch the original G1 Transformers movie.. man.. classic...and the best TF movie...

MY ranting 7/10. Partly bias because I am a TF fan and though this is better than TF2 and TF3. Yes I keep insisting that it's better than TF2 and TF3.

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