Sunday, June 15, 2014

happy dad's day

Too many love shown on social media about Father's Day. Not a bad thing ok. But it's nice to see many testimonies about how dads impact their kids' life.

That include my dad. I realized what I am today is all thanks to him.

In fact, wished him twice. hahaha. well, twice will never be enough to thank a man like him.

He was my first guitar teacher, teaching me few simple chords. Dad was a worship leader too, so I always followed him to worship practice and was inspired to be one. He listens to a lot of worship songs in the house so yes, got me into listening lots of them. Until today I still have those songs in my head... days of Hosanna music, Don Moen.

Although sometimes we have our misunderstanding, I am learning how to be a better man.

To my dad.. and also all dads around the world...


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