Wednesday, May 7, 2014

3 months

There are times people asked me do I faced any problems and difficulties serving here.

I thought it through very hard. If I say "all is well".. it is not really 100% true.

But I felt my challenge here is to learn and also at the same time, to use my talents as much as I can to be a blessing to this place. So to do so, I really need to strike a balance in a lot of things like, my expectations v. people's. The current situation v. the ideal situation. Reality v. Dream. Also at the same time to instill my expectations and experience to the ministry I am in.

So all in all, I am finding life here is really a learning experience. There's joys and disappointments, whether big or small. Whatever it is, I have to take it with a chin.

My mind is everywhere right now to nail a solid point here. Ooopss. Because in 3 months journey so far, there are a lot of things I have learnt and at the same time enjoy. You see, life with God is never dull. Honestly.

So.. that is to sum up like well, 3 months so far.

There are times I asked myself how long will be here. At this point I am not certain. I felt God brought me here for some reasons. With that, as long as He wants me here, I am game on. I guess I will give myself at least few years here before I head back home aka West.

Till then, I want to maximize my gifting here as much as I can.

So with that, busy times ahead. Exams soon. Gonna be preaching on and off in youth. There's 3 major Diocese conference that I will be leading worship -- Prayer, DEYC and EmotionalHealthySpirituality (EHS).

Pray for me.

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