Monday, March 17, 2014

rolling back

Recently I got to watch the whole trilogy of Michael Bay-directed Transformers once again. like 3 movies at one go.. yea.. out of boredom when I was at Kokol..

My summary of it :--
First one was superb. Probably (and sadly) the best of out of the trilogy. I remember watching that movie few years ago and thought it gave me hope of a good movie adaptation. But boy, I am wrong.

2nd was terrible. Lots of stupid flaws. 3rd was ok, just slight improvement of the 2nd but still not up to par.

As a Transformers fan, I could go on ranting about the flaws in that two movies.

At some point, probably the cartoon series would fair better than the movie especially the Animated and Prime version.

And now.. we got a trailer for 4th movie..

When I first head of a fourth movie, I wasn't convinced. Watching this trailer didn't change my view too. Nothing to wow about.

But I will still watch it as a Transformers fan. Curious to see how Dinobot comes to play, not to mention they gave Optimus his G1 look for awhile.

Hope Bay doesn't continue to pull this franchise across the mud. Moreover he is directing Ninja Turtles movie too. So Bay, please don't ruined my childhood!

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