Thursday, March 20, 2014


After few weeks in KK (properly), I think I more or less settled down with life.

Attended my first cell group meeting on last Friday night, was good and enjoyable, reminds me cell group life in Ipoh and KL.

Weekend was packed – lead worship in 2 english services, English YF and English children cell. Some achievement eh? Leading a congregation that ages from young to old. Kids to the most senior.

And had a good time of football. Played till muscles sore.

But the same can’t be said of MU’s performance against Liverpool. Really bad.

Footballing-wise, I say Moyes need time but business-wise, it’s not good for the club. I am sad that now everyone has turned their back against him and feel bad for him. If he has to go, I accept it and hope it’s the best for everyone. Anyway, no matter, I am still a MU fan.

Praise God so far that my assignment has been smooth and I've done roughly 70% of it. Just need some adjustments, corrections and add-ons. After assignments, have to focus on burying myself studying some subjects.. not easy but nothing is impossible. Just need the discipline to juggle them. Learning. Yes I am.

Wednesday went to catch NFS. then dinner at this simple but nice cafe called Chilli Vanilla. Love the food. Love the simplicity of that shop.

As days in KK passes, my schedule slowly building up and busy. This has already challenge me to manage my time well – to work, to study, to enjoy. It’s good to have a balance of everything.

Just the aspect of ministry and getting use to people here. Getting busy and more meetings to go. More things to do. And seeing true colours of people. So, welcome to KK life baby.

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