Sunday, March 30, 2014

hail cap america!

Be warn of spoilers and geeky comments.

Let me start off by saying well done Marvel!!
Winter Soldier is the best Marvel movie I watched so far. Surpassed Thor 2 but sadly Iron Man 3 is still the weakest link of Phrase 2 of MCU. What stood out for me for the movie is that it's not like your typical superhero movie you always get which is about superpowers but it's actually like watching a thriller or suspense movie.

Only slight letdown for me is that I wanted more of Winter Soldier since the movie is about him! But he basically was more of a big shot assassin in this movie... maybe it's just me that I think they should have renamed the movie something else. hahahaha.

Loved all the Marvel nods/"easter eggs" that is in the movie, any Marvel fan would know them straight-away! Whether past or future, all were spot-on references. Even there's a hint of a rumoured phrase 3 movie mentioned in it. 

Loved the post-credit scene a lot as it concerns Avengers 2. That is the type of post-credit I want! all builds up towards Avengers 2

With such high standards now, well, let's see how Guardians of the Galaxy do.

9/10. Already on my list as 2014 top movies.

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