Friday, March 7, 2014

after a month at KK...

It’s been quiet here right..

So it’s my fb music page.. :P

Anyway, just like that, there goes 1 month in KK. It’s a bit unfair to gage how one month has been for me because I spend large part of my first month at Kokol mountain but again, I must thank pastors and friends (new and familiar ones) for making me feel at home in Sabah. Without you guys, I think I would be homesick pretty quick.

Let’s cut to my experience at Kokol. Even though at first I am very reluctant to be at Kokol mountain, thank God for the 18 days experience which was very good for me mentally and spiritually. Nevertheless, I am glad to be back at KK city and I hope I can continue to assimilate myself into life here.

Yup.. can’t believe I somewhat miss KK city. Anyway, term 2 of studies is next and I been given more subjects to study. Some guys see my schedule and they say it’s crazy because I have extra subjects to pickup. What to do.. I am asked to fast tracked.

Well, just to the best and God do the rest lor.

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