Sunday, February 2, 2014


Watching Robocop really brings back memories when I was young. I remember it vividly that I love the movie and the series.

When I read that they are "reintroducing" it, I was quite excited because it's an exciting franchise to do. It's not easy with all the fans' expectation but there's potential in this franchise.

Glad the producers and companies decided to give it a fresh look. Among the "updated" versions of some franchise I have seen over the years, Robocop was well-executed.

The movie really brings back memories for me. Oh I said it again. Hahaha.

At some point, they kept paying tribute to the original design. I thought it's a nice nod, considering most of the fans' first reaction to "dark" Robocop wasn't welcoming.

I am pretty much happy with this version they done.

Storyline-wise, I think it's ok. There were draggy moments which quite justified because they try to explain the scientific mechanism of Robocop.. which I think could bored some people.

Wouldn't say Joel Kinnaman did superbly but he did bring a fresh feel to Robocop/Alex Murphy. Gary Oldman caught my eye. Michael Keaton too.

All in all, i give it 7/10

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