Sunday, February 23, 2014

greetings from Kokol...

Here I am typing from coldcold mountain.. I mean.. Kokol mountain.

Man, there are days here is so cold. I am not sure how to compare this to Western countries’ cold/winter climate but boy.. it’s cold!

There are days here that made me struggle with the thoughts of why a city boy like me agreed to come to such “monastery” environment.  There’s studies and exams. Assignments too.. boy.. they are certainly scaring me..

In those struggles, it made me really turned to God again and again. This really reflects the verse that says “died to self, alive in Christ”. Man.. really..

It’s been some time I heard Canon Lin Khee Vun preach on a Sunday morning and boy, his sermon was a beautiful reminder about “get out of the boat”. That sermon was just a reality slap about walking with God. 

Thank You Lord

I just tell myself maybe.. just maybe.. this whole experience is going to change my life and my mindset. I am not sure if I am consoling myself but I guess it’s right time that God brought me here. The “TIMLIM few years ago” would probably be not so ready to be here, would have more complains and would get hurt easily. Then again, the “TIMLIM in future” wouldn’t be so keen to be here, considering some priorities in life will come to play.

God has His timing. I am still trying to let that lesson sink in. Maybe I have seen His reasons. Maybe I am still discovering His purposes. So I am still learning.

And a friend today called me and told me PERSEVERANCE is his favourite track from 2nd album. I never thought that song would gain some props. But I guess again, it’s a beautiful reminder about what’s life is all about – persevering.

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