Sunday, February 9, 2014

greetings from KK

Hello from KK!!

Can't believe that I am now here after all the countdowns, farewells and packing.

Still trying to get a grip of my life here. Sometimes I feel as though I am in a very very very long camp. yea. hahaha. Because all along, the longest I spend time in KK is at least a week.

And now, well, they said one year but sometimes I feel it's gonna be more than that.

Anyway.. I arrived on Friday afternoon and boy, it was non-stop for me there. Checking into my room then rest awhile before being asked to attend a staff meeting.

Then met the pastors and Dean about my role. Next meeting was with Bishop. Thought both meetings were meetings I needed to be clarified about my course here at KK. Basically I am student and working over the weekend at the church. So yes, being a student again.

Went out with a friend for dinner and watched Lego movie. Totally enjoyed it. Their theme song is too catchy.. hahaha.. "everything is awesome.."

Quite a Friday isn't it...

On Saturday, I immediately have to get into the weekend groove. preparing for service and all. I met Canon Khee Vun to get clarification about my studies and well, basically get an idea what it is about.

Honestly was tired physically and mentally on Saturday at the end because overwhelmed by the information and everything. But thank God for little blessings here and there that cheered me up.

Lunch and dinner was taken care by the Chan family. Thanks guys.

Even had soccer with church members.. on football pitch.. it's been some time since always futsal aka indoor...

Sunday was my first weekend as a staff here. I was asked to go 2 English services that is 730am and 10am. It was good overall.

At some point of the services, I nearly wanted to cry for few reasons. Worried about life and also keep asking myself why I am here. Trying to sink into fact. During worship, God just moved and I am just moved to tears. Sometimes when you feel you have nothing, God is your everything. Indeed He has been.

Today's Bishop's sermon really moved me and again, it feel as though God is speaking through His word. Just hit hard and probably something I need to hear at this point.

Met the ASC WT and looking forward to work with them. After lunch with some of them, I went to get my new toy. Yup.. a much needed tool to get me into working groove and entertain me.

There was a school blessing I was asked to attend. Met pastors and all.

I am very encouraged each time I talk to pastors like Bishop Vun, Dean Chak, Rev Victor, Canon Khee Vun, Rev Philip and many others who are really been such a blessing. Hearing their sharing, encouragement and testimony sometimes moves me a lot.

And yea, here I am now... typing...

And legs are pretty much tiring... staying top floor with no some exercise I gonna get...

Good food so far and a lot of welcomes. KK so far is not so bad but I admit at some point, I am missing life in KL. Life goes on and I am learning to cope with it. It's just 3 days and learning to take life step by step.

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