Friday, January 10, 2014

28 days later

I just dramatizing it.. =P

28 days before i am flying to KK. Well, KK only ma you may say. But i am looking forward to this new challenge for my life.

Some say I will gain weight when I go there. Thank you for the vote of confidence
Some say you are walking into fire. But let me say this, just as God was with Daniel's friends in the fire, the same can be said. God is with me.

Anyway.. it's 10 days into 2014... let's do a bit of buangbalik.. i mean throwback...

Life pretty much hectic but all is good and manageable.

Let's start from 1st January. From the thanksgiving service.

Man, to be the person leading the countdown is nerve-wrecking. The service got a bit long and I have to watch the time or else we will miss the countdown. Thank God timing was right, all turned out right.

First feast of the year. at Carnaval Churrascaria with mr and mrs jackson

Salad bar to kickstart the feast. Usually the salad bar is just average but surprisingly that day, it was awesome.

 It's heaven. Can't see you the lights shine? Joking.... :P


Besides this highlight, had a few simple outings for past few days.

Met godsis for movie and meal. Walking with dinosaurs was visually amazing but boring story.

Sunday, met Jossie and we tried Smashies burger. Nothing smashing about the burger.

Monday was cell leaders meeting, delicious dinner by Aunty Annie.

Tuesday met Irene to talk about songwriting.

Will never forget the shop we went --- Namoo. Korean fusion food, am totally surprise by the quality of the food. Love to go there again someday. And went to Coffee Societe, Malaysia's top coffee hangout place. Loved it there too.

I will never forget the password of the wifi there. so classic. hahaha.

Wednesday was performing at Sol Frontera. First gig of the year. Probably the only at Sol Frontera this year?

And the burger I ordered.. was good.. The whole package taste good...

Sidetrack.. it annoys me when people keep calling me "burger lover" and associate burgers with me...

Some said I post too much.. ok point taken but it annoys me to be labelled that way :(


Been busy studying for an exam for a course I am asked to take/go through when I am at KK. Yea, even before I am at KK to study already got exam. Hebat right.. hahaha...

Alright.. more to come..

And I guess I slowly accept the fact we stalk each other online. Whether people still use blogs anot.. or whether I can be too honest on my typing here.. but here is where I can be "myself".. so feel free to sibuk here...


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