Saturday, January 4, 2014

1st Saturday of 2014

I usually don't immediately write a blog over the weekend... but God's favour is just amazing and felt I should blog about it..

Beginning of the day I was tired somehow. With all the practices and all preparation till night, somehow I made it through without feeling tired. I believe it's power of prayer and praise :)

Worship and service. Man. From start to finish, it was God-led. It was God moment. Tears just filled my eyes when we worship and prayed. It's just amazing.

Bishop Vun's preaching just moved me. Hits me. I really thank God for this man even though the circumstances he is going through.

Went dinner with setapak zone and enjoyed my time with them. Then when i checked my FB, i got a message from a KL bar who interested to have me to perform at their place. They said they were impressed with my songs. Totally surprise and at the same time, grateful. Talk about God's favour :)

1st Saturday of 2014..... was awesome =)

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