Thursday, December 19, 2013

tis a season to be eating...

Past few weeks, I been blessed. Bless by meals with people.

Either because Christmas or it's their way to appreciate me as I am leaving next year to KK.

So you must understand how much I try to keep fit.. @@

Let me try recall as much as I can..

Banana leaf rice with Uncle Stephen. This shop actually near my house. Not bad actually. I had briyani.. quite full till i skipped my dinner.

This was a random idea. Dim Sum with Jackson on public holiday. Again, full till I skipped my dinner.

One fine day, a random invitation from BM warden to have thai food. The catch was to meet him at Sg Buloh. Quite nice stuff.

Senior citizen christmas lunch. Normal chinese food but with everyone.

On Sunday, I was treated by the PCC in a very nice place called Husk's Cafe. Love the atmosphere there, food is good.

Just recent Tuesday, took 2 Chan bros (alston and adrian) to try Johnny Rockets. Love the American dining experience and the nice milkshake. Burger is just alright.

More to come I reckon. Already have few dates piling up.

So.. prepare to eat...

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