Sunday, November 24, 2013

1 more month to Christmas...

A check through my blog recently, realized I haven't been updating it for a week. Oopsie.

You know that when I am away for few days.. i am busy. hohoho.

Was busy rushing my theological assignment. Man, this gig is so not for me.. crack my head till I nearly want to give up doing it. By the grace of God, managed to do it.. and hand it in. Time being, no recalls to re-do it. Fingers crossed.

Then cracking my head about moving. Yea, trying to pack bit by bit. 

And my good mate (saying it with Aussie accent) Theodore and his gf bumping at my place. Been being a good host here. 

At some point of the week, my house was full of friends staying.. we joked it feels like a but was reminded how God blessed me with this house to be a blessing to others. Sad I have to leave this house soon.

And man, Saturday was a full day. Jackson's wedding, practices, service. All in all, everything went well. 

Had dinner with family on Saturday night. Parents was around.. we went Hungry Hog with Kucheh's family. Was taken aback that my dad ate so much.

Pretty much pumped for next week's MGM concert!

And there you go, we are just a month away from Christmas!

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