Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You never fail ..

past one week. has been crazy

This is gonna be something that will stuck in my head forever. I decided to take nap and during that time, felt God spoke to me and say "don't worry about the future".

So simple yet hit me so hard.

That really sets my heart alight, make me feel at peace.

That roughly allows me to make some decision already

And hope it all turns out well.

Gotta trust God.

Past few days.. really.. God has been amazing.

Nothing much I can add to that.

Sunday evening wanted to watch movie. Sat inside for 30mins then the cinema chased everyone out because of gas leak. That is one experience I will never forget.

And I decided after many many years to get my haircut at the Indian barber shop. Didn't fail me! :D

Monday evening, met a good friend of mine who just came back from HK. Great time meeting up.

Pretty much looking forward to this coming few weeks. Gonna be interesting.

Praying all ends well.

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