Tuesday, October 1, 2013

woke up from September..

I been sharing too much lame jokes on FB..

Some point I thought of starting a blog on it then i realized.. if I keep this up, I would endup like ps Wah Lok.. having a joke book..




Things hasn't been going to plans lately. Still.

I trying to be positive.


The worse thing one can do is just look at her smile. read back all messages we share, remembering the good things. listening to songs that reminds one about her.

Man. worse feeling in the world.

But nobody knows it but me.

And man, past 24 hours have been full of THAT Greenday-related-song.. annoyed by it.. oh well.. once a year la that thing..

Oh welcome OCTOBER!

looking forward to few stuff particular a plan to take some time off.

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