Friday, October 4, 2013

onwards to October..

This week itself.. totally change the landscape of my life...

It's been an interesting week all to say..

It's final quarter of 2013.. and God, whatcha doing with me man.. it's been a heck of a ride so far.. really it has been.

Enjoying the ups and downs.. man.. it's just one crazy rollercoaster ride...

SUNDAY EVENING was at the launch of a music school that belongs to a friend.
performed 2 songs there, with my joker friend Mickey. Intimate gig and had fun.

Especially the 'blessed' draw -.-

MONDAY was a bit more relax..

TUESDAY.. since a bit relax.. thought can visit Monash with a member for lunch. Turnout a bitter experience, was chased out from the lunch place because I am not a staff or student there. Man. That was bad.

Night, spend some time with Jackson and Wayne to do one round of cleaning the church stage and panels.

I blasted some Hillsong United songs over the speakers.. halfway felt God spoke me and reminded me why He called me. The passion and the drive that He has placed in me. Man, it's like reminded me of my first love.. for God. 

WEDNESDAY.. decided to spend some time alone, walking around 1U and do some grocery shopping. Then had Nandos for lunch with David bro. Sidetrack.. I LOVE YOU NANDOS! YOU ARE SO AWESOMEEEEE

Night, met someone who tabled a nice offer to me for next year. That offer. Totally change the landscape of my life. 

I am quite excited with that offer but like any human being, a bit worried about details. 1 Year away from usual life sounds good but how about some stuff I have? All in all, maybe time is right, the time is now for me to take that step.. that partly encourage me to take that step. Have to prayerfully think this and think it thoroughly. 

It caused me not to sleep well.. although part of it I want to watch MU match... they played well, just unlucky not to win. Oh well.

THURSDAY, just when I am still reeling from the offer, I was invited to perform at MGM night. Probably the biggest gig I am asked to do so far in my music gig. Will be performing with the top of the league in Malaysian gospel music scene. Very pumped for that.

And of course, my next Thursday Merdekarya gig.

God.. man.. thank You. really. it's all crazy and I am just humbled by Your mercy :)

At this time, whoever is reading this. Please pray for me as I continue to face life.

Above all, trust God make things beautiful in His time. 

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