Wednesday, October 30, 2013

edge of October

As we reach the end of October, I really thank God for an amazing journey so far.

If I have to confess, last year exactly around October, I was ready to give up everything.. work, music, relationship, every responsibility I have. I beginning to feel dry and I want Him to come to save me from crashing. I cried out to God and ask Him to do something with my life.. I told Him I give it another year and if nothing improves, I will quit everything.

Making promises with God can be a serious thing. Think properly when you want to do so! :P

Because for past one year proved that He did bring a difference in my life. Each time i feel like giving up, He didn’t.. That thought has drive me on.

Isaiah 61 is on my mind as I reflect back my life so far. I am reminded that only He can turn ashes to beauty.

Greater things are yet to come.. Looking forward to next year and beyond..

To God be the glory :)

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