Thursday, September 26, 2013


honestly, this week, God gave me the harshest of lessons about plans.

Today i managed to sit down and plan out something. Just pray and hope it will be alright. Maybe I should work out a plan B? All that ran to my mind.

Turnout I found out later on, those plans can be thrown out of the window. Whatever I plan seems not to matter anymore.

Totally devastated and heart broken. To a point my tears can't even come out. Just speechless. But life goes on.

Having said so, it sucks to know sometimes no matter how hard you plan, things don't go according to it.

"man can plan, only God's plans prevail"

Seems to be true now.

Last Tuesday one of my plans went out also. That should have prepared me for this. Oh well.

Now. the hardest part.

Trusting God even more.

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