Friday, September 13, 2013

friday the 13th

I had this weird nightmare last night...

When I woke up, trying to calm myself, I realized it's Friday the 13th..

I am not the superstitions type.. just thought it was ironic...

Past few days been sick. Started with flu on Monday then got bad on Tuesday.. Wednesday, flu got better but got sore throat as part of the "sick package".

As I am typing now.. I think I have recovered. Phew. Luckily also I am not leading worship this weekend. And boy, God knows how much plain water I drank for the past few days!

Because of the flu, I have to skipped the Merdekarya performance. Second gig I have to let go this month. Sad but sometimes things you have to do.

Past few days' weather been lovely. Cool weather. Any warm stuff would good well with it.

But I reckon the weather kinda affected me with the flu.

Everyday I am learning how to live by faith. Really. Everyday I have something to learn, to ponder. Honestly.

God, please close the door you don't want me to go.. open doors that you want me to take.


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