Tuesday, September 3, 2013


New month, new week, new day.

Was an interesting Monday.

I went to 4 shopping malls in a day. Believe it or not.

one for church errands. one for dinner. one to meet Kelvin Lee and the rest of SPC gang. one is for movie.

All in all, i enjoyed it. while I am young, just enjoy life as much as I can. So i love what happen today.

What else happen on Monday.. well.. we staff team pretended to forget Irene's birthday.. hahaha.. she nearly got emo for that.

What movie I watch has kick ass 2. Probably one of the movie of 2013 for me.

And past few days in Malaysia has been interesting. Water shortage, oil spillage on water supply, now petrol increase. What a time to be Malaysian.

Anyway to end a marvelous Monday, ah Seng send a demo of one of my new songs. Beautiful. Hopefully to get it recorded, and probably release it on end of November.  Stay tuned :)

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