Saturday, August 17, 2013


Monday 12/8
Met Rev CK and Victor at night to talk the future direction of the Saturday service. Excited and can't wait to see how God moves :)

Tuesday 13/8
Just frustrated with the nature of the church properties. Oh, i ranted about it few posts ago.

Wednesday 14/8
Went for a practice at FAA during lunchtime for their next week's concert presentation. After that, chilled at Empire.. bought fruit juice and relax. Buy groceries, look at toys that I will never buy and try search for song inspiration.

Thursday 15/8
Clean the sound booth.. didn't know it gave me such satisfaction. Bought a new guitar amp for the stage. Busy doing video. Should I open a video channel for my work? But my work is just so-so.. unless I am seriously into making funny and random videos...
Went Big Hug burger with Jackson and boy.. the burger I ordered was so big. So big that I nearly gave up.

Friday 16/8
Senior citizen day. After fetching and all, a bit tired in office. Well, the usual feeling after all the driving.
Dinner with Wai Yee and that guy order 2 pizzas for 2 person. Now, I m scared of pizza.. prior to that I had cravings for it, that's why I asked for it.

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