Sunday, July 14, 2013

the sharp knife of a short life..

A line from Band Perry's "If I die young"

Past 24 hours I been reflecting on the happy and sad news. Really put life into perspective.

I had a blast on Saturday in terms of music/worship. Great time of practice with some churches for the closing session in the 12 hours P&W event. Lead worship later in the evening, had a blast.

Nice warm fellowship.. literally too. Spicy thai dinner with few peeps in cold rainy evening.

And the day before, (FRIDAY), watched Pacific Rim. On my list for 2013 memorable movie. The experience was worth every penny. HD screen, comfy seats and a sub-woofer under seats. When the monsters and robots fighting it out, man, you can feel it under ya!

Move like Jaegar.. yea...

Past days received more news of friends moving on the next level. I admit sometimes the whole thing asked me what I am doing but that small voice inside me say you gotta trust God and not push/pressure yourself into something which actually very important.

Then got a shocking news on Sunday afternoon about the passing of Cory Monteith, star of GLEE, well-known for his role as Finn Hudson. Life is so short indeed :(

And stressed over littlest to the major of things.

So.. all this thing that happen so far, make me ponder about life.

More I ponder, that small voice asked me to hold on to God.

Really.. been taking steps of faith. Despite the conflict of my realistic mind and my faith-in-action mind, I want trust God.

Let's see what's next.

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