Thursday, July 25, 2013

meow on

Kuching trip was good..

Thanks to Garry for such an awesome tour guide. Explore some Kuching places. Foods galore. We were blessed and glad that we are really a blessing to them.

Learn a few things there. The thing about tour is that it opens your eyes to see the surroundings and reality of the world out there. There were few good and sad things I see over there. Good things we praise God, sad things.. well.. pray that God is doing something there.

Nevertheless, trying not to be such a draggy old man.. all in all.. trip was fun. Could swing back again if Garry able to pull something up.

Love to the band - yapp, seng, gracy. One of the best gig we have together. We laughed so much together and our music was tight. Awesome.

Back to KL. Well.. lots of things to prepare prior to August. Even this week, leading worship in 12 hrs worship event.

Moving on with positive feeling that each day is better than the day before.

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